Relex mobile

Supply Chain Mobile Manager


Relex is a fast growing provider of integrated retail and supply chain planning solutions. Offices operate from eight European countries and the United States. Their business lies on optimizing the logistic chain (from manufactures to wholesale warehouses and stores) by automating activities and predicting future supplements by the previous metrics. 

The core software at the customer's end is operated by a dedicated person or a team. Relex wanted to develop a mobile application that would allow the whole staff keep track on sales, stock status and orders. Due to strong growth Relex needed a partner who could work independently.


Technically solid software base that enables user testing and further development for both iOS and Android. Time: 3 months.



React Native-application, that makes releases on both ecosystems straightforward. To ease the changing of the guard we spend the final part together with Relex’s own programmers.

All goals of the project were completed and we were happy with the team. 

– Mikko Minkkinen, Project Manager, Relex Solutions –


Have a look to current versions on Play Store & App Store