Recruitment via video tool is a service which provides a video interviewing tool for recruitment processes. A video interview is similar to face-to-face interviews, but it's faster and based on recorded video questions and answers. had a need to enable an integration between a third-party job application tracker, which would automatically allow them to create video interview templates, to send interview invitations and to forward the information about the status of the interviewee’s answers. asked Wunderdog to help with the technical implementation of the integration.

Problems to solve

  • The third-party system and’s system were from different eras and communicated with different messages.
  • The implementation of the integration had to be to developed based on the documentation and example messages.
  • Functionality of the integration and validity of the example messages could not be authenticated during the implementation stage.
  • The number and content of messages sent by the external system were unknown.


Solutions is a typical contemporary system that uses REST architecture and JSON messages for communication, whereas the external system is a system of older generation which communicates with SOAP messages, which are built on top of XML. For the needs of the integration, writing, sending, receiving and reading of XML messages was implemented by’s system. Based on the example messages, reading and writing of XML messages was implement and automated tests were created to ensure the functionality of the integration and to catch possible errors.

On the execution phase, the exact content and number of messages of the external system was unknown, and it was impossible to test the integration before there was any support in the system. Based on discussions with the customer, common presumptions were made and written into the documentation. The technical implementation was based on these presumptions and possible mistakes regarding the content or number of messages were considered in advance to find a solution.