From Video Interview Tool to a Comprehensive Recruit Service


RecRight (before: RecruitByNet) is a recruit service launched in 2011. According to company's CEO Riku Malkki, video interview has gradually taken hold of the recruit processes also in Finland. 
Besides the original video interview, the whole thing from applications to selecting the right candidate can be now done within reformed RecRight. It's also possible to integrate RecRight to customer's current software.




Wunderdog has been helping RecRight in several phases. We started by building an integration to an external software, and continued by bringing the old flash-video to the HTML5-era. Latest project was the UI renovation. 


Planning the updates we quickly noted that developing the old would be slower and more expensive than building new. We did the current UI with React technology, and with the server development we used Node.js and MongoDB. On the side we released few features: searching old candidates from the database and chancing the candidate status (which helps to follow the recruit progress). 

Learn more about RecRight here.