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Wunderdog is a creative and agile design and technology company founded in Finland in 2014 out of the desire to make things work - better. By understanding both the business logic and the needs of the end users, we deliver highly valuable digital products and services together with our customers. We combine joy and passion to solve real-world problems with modern software development methods.

After opening an office in Lund (Sweden) last year, we decided to keep going. That is why you can now find us in the heart of European tech in Berlin and this is your chance to join the team there! With the (yet) small team in Berlin you will have a great chance to work in really exciting and agile environment while having the support of over 70 colleagues in Helsinki.

Even though we’ve grown fast, our people are at the heart of our culture. We help each other to reach full potential because we believe that we all have the ability to be awesome! At Wunderdog it is important that everyone has fun at work and also that everyone has a chance to develop professionally. We support and encourage experimenting and learning. We can also promise you the greatest colleagues who have your back, whenever needed. On our spare time, we also like to do stuff together. Check out our Culture Manifest which is the fundament in everything we do!

Our culture applies to how we work with the customers too. Having people in the heart, face-to-face conversation always triumphs offshoring. That is why our experts work on-site in customers premises whenever possible, often completely integrated into their development team. However, on Fridays we gather together with other wunderdogs to have a day at our office.

We’re looking for full-stack developers with proven track records in delivering quality software. Wunderdogs so far have used languages like Java, JavaScript, React, React Native, Clojure and Scala. We hope you’ll have experience in languages you’ve selected and eagerness to learn new languages as well as new ways of working. We also hope that you’re passionate about learning more and developing the company together with us. We appreciate experience but above all we value a positive attitude towards both the job itself and towards your co-workers. 

Did you feel like we could bond? Let us know who you are via the form below or by email [email protected] and let’s talk more!

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