Relex is a fast growing provider of integrated retail and supply chain planning solutions who improves the functioning of the logistics chain by automating activities and future predicted by the previous metrics: how to optimize logistics from manufactures to wholesale warehouses and stores. Relex has offices in eight European countries and the United States.  

Due to strong growth, the company's own forces focused to the core business, and hence Relex needed a partner who could implement the project independently. The project would allow to read the original software data and complete it with mobile devices by the whole staff.



Wunderdog helped Relex to expand their operation by developing a mobile application in addition to a desktop version. The logistics became more transparent and the whole personnel of stores can now use the application instead of head users. In the beginning of the project we first agreed new user roles to whom we developed the application, and then interviewed several future users for it. 


  • We developed iOS- and Android- applications with React Native technology within 3 months, by which testing can start with end users

  • Further development for iOS- and Android- platforms will be fast

  • Maintaining the code moved smoothly to Relex’s own programmers


All the goals of the project were completed and we were happy with the implementation team.
— Mikko Minkkinen, Project Manager, Relex Solutions