young women are more and more eager to learn and understand technology and coding.


When I missed the previous Rails Girls event in Helsinki in November 2015, I hoped that the next workshop would be organised very soon in Helsinki again. I was wondering when the next workshop would be, until I got an idea that I could actually offer my help for organising the event! 

Rails Girls is a Finnish volunteer community for women providing tools and experience on building things and making technology more approachable and understandable. The popularity of Rails Girls events has been growing fast since the first workshop in 2010. Nowadays, the events are organised around the world. 

As a marketing student and an employee at the software company Wunderdog, I think it's very important to understand the work of software developers and to know at least the basics of programming and technology to accomplish effective marketing. I grabbed Taru from Wunderdog with me to plan and organise the event, and Zalando was happy to offer a place for it at their office. Together we organisers created an awesome two-day event in April 2016, but it wouldn't been possible without our awesome sponsors Zalando, Wunderdog and Reaktor. 

Cupcakes from BrooklynCafe

Cupcakes from BrooklynCafe

Friday evening started at Zalando’s office with a welcoming speech, sparkling wine and delicious cupcakes. We installed the programming environment on our laptops to be ready for the next day's workshop. The first assignment was to figure out all the different Facebook page parts to post-its and collect those on a board. This was a good foretaste for the next day to get an idea of what parts a web page might consist of.

Saturday started with a lovely breakfast and getting to know each other before the workshop.

We worked in teams of four people and a mentor. There were clear step-by-step instructions on how to write the code to create content to our web pages. We developed the pages using HTML, CSS and Ruby

Among the attendees were a bunch of marketing people and people who work in IT industry, but also for example a musician, a visual artist and a psychologist. The youngest attendee was a girl only 10 years old! Also, we had more mentors than ever attending to Rails Girls Helsinki.

Rails Girls 2016 Helsinki-159.JPG

The workshop was super fun. I learned a lot of new things about technology and software development. It was interesting to see that I can do almost anything by coding and despite my preconceptions, it wasn't that boring after all. I learned that coding is just a part of the big process of planning what to write and how to write it. The outcome of project can be also designed as wanted.  

The day went through super fast! If I was still studying, I would definitely choose an optional course of programming. Rails Girls taught me the basics of coding and sparked an interest to extend my skills further. After the event, I can follow the instructions by myself from where I left off. However, the best part of the workshop was that I got great new friends, yay! 

Team Wunderdog & Zalando. Photos by Juhis

Team Wunderdog & Zalando. Photos by Juhis