How to recruit a tech talent? #Timanttirekry

There is a shortage of great developers.
Or is there a shortage of companies willing to develop their employees?



Recruiting good developers is hard and there are many startups trying to figure out the way to reach them. So why don’t we catch up and share our thoughts together? Wunderdog has managed to grow to a team of 40 developers and designers in only eighteen months, so we must have done something right.

On a Thursday evening in March, we at Wunderdog, invited some startups into our office at Autotalo to catch up and exchange recruitment process tips. Pekka Kosonen (Zalando), Otto Hilska ( and our own Mika Viskari had a key speeches of their experiences. Then, the evening continued with open discussion between all participants while eating delicious snacks.

The event was great. It was nice to gather with people from different startups in a same business field to listen their stories. We made interesting discussions and exchanged excellent tips that are worth to consider in recruitment processes. Wunderdog will happily take a part of the next event as well.

The main points and tips from the speeches and discussions are gathered below.

Begin with culture in mind. Focus on new and cool stuff.

Create a culture where employees work toward a common goal and support each other. Respect all employees equally, trust them and let them make decisions. Try to have as few secrets as possible in the company - including the numbers. We at Wunderdog for example, keep our team spirit up on spending every Friday at our office eating breakfast together, working together and having tech sessions. We also will invest an estimated 10% share of our revenue to educate our employees during 2016.


We hire all the good guys we find - there are no any target numbers.

Focus on interviews. The best interview is a genuine conversation with the candidate, as Zalando perceives. A good tip is to pay attention to your mood before an interview and to spend 10 minutes calibrating yourself. The candidate should feel he or she wants to work with you after an interview. Let the candidate meet as many people as possible in the company to make sure the cultural fit and give him/her exercises or puzzles regarding to the applied job.

Experience is not as important as how the company can develop an employee’s talent

Don’t underestimate junior developers and trainees - they can turn out to be very talented and excellent employees. Smartly’s experiences are that juniors bring energy and excitement to the company, and they may have done very cool stuff already for many years on their spare time.


Hiring is only one tool of building a great team.

Good to remember: It is not important just to grow for the growth's sake - more important is what a new hire brings into the team and to the company.


Thanks to key speakers and everyone who participated Timanttirekry and joined the discussion!