Online healthcare cost comparison tool


Lääkä is a web service for comparing healthcare services. The aim of the service is to increase transparency of prices in the healthcare sector and to help customers to compare services provided by different operators. Currently, the website will compare the prices of private medical services and waiting times for public operators. The service was based on last year when four students set up a startup to develop it. The first version of service was released on December. On Spring, Wunderdog were asked for help, because the faster and more professional development were needed.



The challenge of the project is a small startup company's fast changing needs. Development priorities can change on the fly and some service features have even been withdrew in a development phase. Also, some big players in health care may not be very willing to cooperate with the service, assuming because their prices can be multiple regarding to smaller operators.

Open communication and agile methodologies are the aims of solving any challenges. Team works in a same place in which communication is easy and effective among the team. Upcoming features cannot be finalised far into the future, rather the project lives in a moment.



  • We are the first in Finland who developed a tool for comparing waiting times in health centers and brought public health centers in the service
  • Map allows the location of health centers and gives better understanding of price variety
  • Every service operator has an own site, where the details can be found
  • We made technical improvements to the service and code
  • We made administrative user interface of data, where service providers can sign up and update their information themselves
  • We renovated the service design